Warren FrissAt this moment in time, Warren Friss is a top corporate lawyer and partner with one of the top corporate law firms in New York City, Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP, better known as Ingram. While Ingram one of the finest law firms in New York because of its roster of talent, Warren Friss still stands out from the rest. As good as he is working with all types of businesses, Warren has a specialty, in that he is especially adept at dealing with legal issues surrounding sports and athletes.

The desire on the part of Warren Friss to handle sports-related issues likely comes from his experience working as the primary legal counsel and then as an executive for Topps Company, one of the pre-eminent sports memorabilia and card companies in the world. Because he worked with virtually every aspect of Topps’ legal structure, he has developed a strong ability to work with such entities as professional and collegiate sports leagues and other organizations, like players’ associations and sports-related consumer product companies. At Topps, he dealt with licensing, sponsorships and promotions, of course, but he is also highly skilled with personality rights and intellectual property matters.